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Help Your Child with Special Needs Rest Easier!

Your child with special needs just. isn't. sleeping...

Children like yours are constantly faced with challenges, including getting a good night’s rest.  Your child may take hours to nod off, or will wake 2, 5, or 10 times a night. Your child might be starting their day at 3am, or have a completely flipped sleep schedule. You’re constantly asking yourself: “How is my child even functioning right now?!

Your child is losing precious rest and you know it’s affecting their health and development.  Night after night out of desperation, you try every trick in the book to just get your kid to settle down again — rocking, co-sleeping, patting, snacks, iPad, and more.  You can see your child wants to sleep, but they just can’t do it. 

You feel guilty that what you’re doing just isn’t working.  Your child has been struggling, melting down, and you know they need help.  Just surviving the night means that everyone is just surviving the next day.

Chronic sleeplessness is leaving you feeling drained and frustrated.  You can’t be fully present for your child, and don’t have the energy to be a better partner, friend, or better you.  It’s been ages since you had a night out with your partner, and you can’t remember when you last did something for yourself.  With everything you have to juggle – appointments, therapy sessions, school, meals, etc. – it can feel completely and utterly overwhelming.

You know deep down there’s got to be an answer, but after scouring the internet, asking friends and therapists you keep coming up empty handed.  When you ask your doctor, all you’ve been given is a prescription slip for another medication or more melatonin, and shuffled out the door. You’re fed up with all the dead ends and “no” answers.

You know there has to be a solution...

Imagine knowing that your child with special needs could rest easier and wake up fresh the next day.  You know your child gets the most out of therapy and school when they’ve had a good night — they shine!  You feel at ease knowing they won’t have meltdowns, and they’ll be more engaged.  You know what they can do when they’re at their best.

When your child is getting just a couple more hours of sleep, you’re able to spend a bit more time in your. own. bed. You can actually take some time to decompress at the end of the day and make sure the whole family starts on the right foot tomorrow.  You and your partner can finally have more time to yourselves.

And, you know that your family doesn’t have to just get by anymore.  Fewer nights of tears, frustration, and sleep deprivation means that everyone can be firing on more cylinders the next day.  You don’t expect perfection, but you finally have hope that your child can be a great sleeper.

Imagine that your child’s sleep is no longer a mystery that can’t be solved. 

You’ll feel lighter knowing you don’t have the burden of finding answers on your own.r

I'm a sleep consultant for families just like yours. You've had it with sleepless nights, anxiety, stress-filled days, and doctors who say your child's sleep issues can't be fixed. I can help your family by getting to the bottom of your child's sleep issues, and pave a path for a better night's rest for your whole family.

As a result of your family's strategy session you'll:

  • Get the answers to your child’s sleep problems, so you can start on the solution.
  • Feel empowered that you can make changes, so your child can start resting easier. 
  • Have confidence with the first steps towards a great night’s rest for your child.
  • Find relief that you finally have someone on your side.

Sleep Mysteries Solved includes:

1. Your Child’s Sleep Assessment

You’ll answer questions outlining a typical night’s sleep for your child, and what your child can or can’t do yet developmentally.  This information gives us the clues to pinpoint the root causes of your child’s sleep problems, so that we know what mysteries need solving.

2. Uncovering the Mystery

We will have a 60 minute session together to review your child’s sleep struggles, and you’ll learn exactly what is causing your child to miss out on good quality sleep at night.  With this knowledge, you will leave the session with the beginning tools to help your child on the path to better sleep, so you can get more rest yourself!

3. Using the tools

Once you start implementing changes, we need to see how your child responds.  For the next two weeks, you will commit to using these tools consistently.  You’ll get to know your child’s sleep even better, and grow a deeper understanding of what tools they need down the line.

4. The Next Steps

5 days after our session, I’ll check in with you via email to see what you’ve started with your child.  At the end of 2 weeks, we’ll do a 30 minute follow-up call to see what changes your child has made and celebrate them together!  Bring any questions that you may have, and we’ll make sure that you are going in the right direction for more restful nights.

Investment: $175

Your child’s sleep problems no longer have to be a mystery.  You can finally have the road map to a better night’s rest for your whole family.  And, I can help you get here!

Ready to get started?

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  • Step 2: Once you’ve picked your time and date, you’ll make the payment through PayPal.
  • Step 3: Once payment is sent in, look for an email with questions from me.  Fill these out as best as possible and send it back the day before our call.
  • Step 4: On the day of our consultation call, make sure to have pen and paper handy and we’ll get to the bottom of your child’s sleep struggles!

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