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sleep consultant for kids with special needs

Get Your Child with Special Needs Sleeping Independently!

Many parents struggle with their child’s sleep, especially getting their child sleeping on their own. Many children with special needs rely on feeding, patting, cradling, etc. to get to sleep at night. For your child with special needs, you may have needed to stay close at night due to health issues/concerns. Now you are past that point — and don’t know how to get your child sleeping independently.

You might been feeling tired and exhausted having to spend over an hour a night helping your child get to sleep. Your child may be waking several times a night looking for you to get them back to sleep. 

This is costing you your energy, mood, and maybe even your sanity! It can feel overwhelming not knowing what’s the first step you’re have to take.

The good news is that it can all change 

Regardless of your child’s diagnosis, they do have that potential to self-soothe and sleep on their own. 

There will be a day where your child can fall asleep easily and happily, without needing you to be there. 

You will have a few hours to yourself, and feel reassured that your child is getting the best night’s rest possible. 



This is priceless compared to years of sleeplessness and restless nights.

I know there are so few sources to help a child with special needs sleep better. People constantly make assumptions about what your child can’t do or understand. I see your child for who they are.  They are super smart, but can’t always express it. 

Your child’s not taking hours to sleep because of their diagnosis – it’s because they don’t have the sleep skills they need…yet!


Follow a super simple bedtime routine without fuss

Sleep on their own without needing any outside help

Sleep for longer stretches
at night

I offer help for your special needs child with one-on-one support for parents of children with a variety of diagnoses – Trisomy 21, ASD, PDD-NOS, ADD, ADHD, Cerebral palsy, and more. With this consultation you get:

  • A customized sleep program just for your child.
  • 90-minute consultation video call to discuss sleep habits, troubleshooting, and more!
  • Guidance on nutritional changes, physical activity, and more for a holistic approach to sleep.
  • 3 weeks of unlimited email support
  • 6 follow-up calls with Melissa (15-20 minutes each)

Sleep Consultant for Special Needs Kids

Sometimes, all it takes is having that extra guidance and someone there giving you the tools, confidence, and coaching you need to make it happen. Let me be your extra hand in getting your child with special needs sleeping better!

Want to get started now?
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