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Sleep is important for any child, but for your child with Trisomy 21, it’s especially important! While your child sleeps, the brain is working overtime — the brain organizes and store all the new information learned that day, but also works to regulate hormones, boost immunity, and more. When your child is getting adequate sleep, all of the body rhythms are working together easily. This allows for your child not only to wake up feeling better rested, but it allows them to have the energy they need to do therapy, learn, and can create the runway for better quality of life for the whole family.

You’re worried that your little one with Trisomy 21 isn’t getting the sleep they need.  And, many parents out there are worrying about the same thing.  Nearly half of children with Down syndrome struggle to sleep well.  They may have breathing difficulties, can’t settle to sleep easily, wake constantly throughout the night, or just can’t sleep without your help.

You can see just how cranky your child is the next day — they continue to have meltdowns, they don’t have energy, and you know that if they were just getting a few extra hours a night things would be that much better.  Some families have gone ahead and done surgeries to fix breathing issues at night! But despite this, the sleep struggles persist.

And, to make things more challenging, there’s very little information out there to get them started on the right foot when it comes to improving their child’s sleep. Most doctors and specialists cannot do more than suggest supplements or medications for your child. You may have been told that because your child has Trisomy 21, it’s their genetics that dictate their bad sleep.  And, nothing can be done to change that.

I have worked with children with special needs over the past decade. The kids with Trisomy 21 that I saw every day at work were having sleep problems, and their parents were suffering and miserable. I wanted to help them, but didn’t have any answers. Then one day, a mother contacted me telling me that she had found a program that helped her boy with special needs (who before slept terribly and always needed mom beside him) learn how to sleep through the night. He now slept all night, and independently! 

The program was called the Sleep Sense Program, created by a sleep expert Dana Obleman, and I decided I had to get certified as a pediatric sleep consultant. I couldn’t watch more amazing families suffer needlessly.  And if there’s one thing that I have learned, it’s not your child’s diagnosis that leads to their poor sleep — chances are, your child just doesn’t have the skills yet to sleep great!

Whether your child is just a few months old, or a few years old, great, independent sleep skills can be taught. Your child is incredibly smart, and your child’s sleep plan should reflect this!

My goal is to give parents the tools and guidance they need to make a great night’s sleep happen in the most holistic way possible. Parents get recommendations that are specific to their child, and step by step instructions on how to get their child sleeping independently, for longer stretches, and waking up rested the next day.

Changing anyone’s sleep takes a lot of work and consistency, but your child with Trisomy 21 needs this! Sometimes, all it takes is having someone keeping you accountable and guiding you in the right direction.

If you’re ready to get your child with Trisomy 21 sleeping better, contact me to book your first assessment call!

PA Sleep Consultant for Kids with Down Syndrome

Melissa Doman provides sleep consulting in Pennsylvania for children with down syndrome. At Melissa Doman Sleep Consulting, we understand that you face special challenges, and that’s why we offer services only to parents with children with special needs. Please contact us today to get more information on how we can help you and your child the rest you need.