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Sleep Help for Children with ADD/ADHD

ADD and/or ADHD affects millions of children world-wide. Symptoms can differ from child to child, but one common struggle for these children is getting a good night’s sleep.  And, I know that it can feel like a double whammy when your child has different needs, but is exhausted!

When your child with ADD/ADHD is tired, they wear their exhaustion like a scratchy sweater.  

They may be having constant meltdowns and tantrums, become hyperactive, and when it is finally time for bed it takes them hours to fall asleep!  This vicious cycle keeps going and going, leaving the whole family feeling drained.  You have tried everything — sleep aids, dark rooms, avoiding screens, and more.  But, your child still won’t rest easily.  

If this isn’t bad enough, when your child doesn’t sleep…you don’t sleep. 

When you’re exhausted, you can’t be the parent and spouse you want to be. The frustration, exhaustion, and lack of energy that comes from sleepless nights stops you from being at your best.

Your child doesn’t deserve this situation, and neither do you.

Unfortunately, there are few resources for parents to help their child sleep better. A medical professional may give loose recommendations on consistent routine, bedtime, etc.  But, most parents are often left not really knowing where to start off or what to expect. 

In many cases, parents are told to give their child medication or melatonin to help them sleep. Often, the effect of these wear off and parents are left with a child who is severely overtired and everyone is back to square one.

I have worked with children with special needs over the past decade. 

The kids with ADD/ADHD that I saw every day were constantly having sleep problems, and their parents were suffering and miserable. I wanted to help them, but didn’t have any answers. Then one day, a mother contacted me telling me that she had found a program that helped her boy with special needs learn how to sleep through the night. He now slept all night, and independently!  This was compared to 10-20 wake ups a night, crying, screaming, and more. 

The program was called the Sleep Sense Program, created by a sleep expert Dana Obleman, and I decided I had to get certified as a pediatric sleep consultant. 

I couldn’t watch more amazing families suffer needlessly.

My goal is to give parents the tools and guidance they need to make a great night’s sleep happen in the most holistic way possible. No medications, no long term sleep aid use. 

Parents get recommendations that are specific to their child, and step by step instructions on how to get their child sleeping independently, for longer stretches, and waking up rested the next day. Parents focus on sleep habits, sleep hygiene, and more to give their child the chance to sleep great for years to come.

Changing anyone’s sleep takes a lot of work and consistency, but your child needs this! Sometimes, all it takes is having someone keeping you accountable and guiding you in the right direction.

Sleep Consultant in PA for ADHD, ADD & Other Developmental Disorders

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