Key to Healing – Sleep!

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There is a powerful link between improved sleep and recovery from brain injury, according to research published in the journal Neurology. Better and more normal sleep patterns were related to patients recovering from traumatic brain injury.

The researchers stated that the findings show that sleep is essential for the restoring of proper brain function, but that poor sleep could be related to slower recovery. One researcher stated, “We know that sleep is necessary for the generation of new neurons and new connections between neurons in the brain”.

The implication of these findings could be important not only for parents of children who might have special needs or suffered brain injury due to prematurity, but for all parents of young children.

As increasing research shows good sleep is essential for the developing brain, it must become a priority for all parents to teach their children good sleeping habits from birth onward. Years of poor sleep during the most important years of brain development might be detrimental for a child’s happiness, growth and success in life.

Teaching good sleep habits for all children is not only possible, but a straightforward process. That’s what certified sleep consultants are for.

To learn more about what a sleep consultant can do for you and your child, contact Melissa Doman, or schedule a free 15 minute call!