For those of you sleep training…

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I gotta hand it to parents out there: making a decision to do anything with your kid can seem like walking through a minefield.  That next step you take could be fine and you might “live” to keep moving forward, or that step could be bad news — another parent criticizing your decisions, a relative telling you how you should really do something, someone making you feel guilty about your parenting.  No one has the time or patience for that, nor do they need to feel like they have to be defensive all the time.

Sleep training is DEFINITELY a taboo subject among parents.  “You’re neglectful if you let them cry it out,” “They’ll grow out of it,” “You’re not supposed to sleep well as a parent,” etc. etc. etc.

I’ve heard it all.

Last week, Cosmopolitan (not my usual read) came out with a great article titled, “10 Things Moms Sleep-Training Their Babies Never Want to Hear Again.”

It’s good for a laugh, but it’s also good for my sleep training moms to know:

1) You’re not the only one sleep training, and

2) You can stand by your decision confidently!

I happen to think sleep training is a wonderful idea.  Your baby is smart.  Babies can learn ANYTHING.  The younger they are, the faster they will learn something.  Parents can be empowered by teaching their little one a life skill.  Good sleep is a gift that your child will have for a lifetime.

How fantastic is that?

How can someone give you a hard time for that?

So to my parents “in the trenches,” stick to your guns.  You’ll be happy you did.

Need help getting your little one to sleep better during the night?  Contact me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation!